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What is Soundleaves?


Soundleaves is a new product line developed by Incatro Room Acoustics. It solves acoustic problems in a flexible way, creates more privacy during (cellular) conversations and, at the same time, adds a fresh touch to office environments through its design elements.


SoundLeaves designed by Carl Huijskens & Feran Thomassen
DESKseries | WALLseries | AIRseries | FLOORseries

Why Soundleaves?


While there has been a growing demand for flexible acoustic solutions in the furniture industry for some time, the well-known large, static acoustic screens are still largely being used in office environments. Modern open-plan offices with flexible workstations, however, require more suitable and versatile solutions. Here, Soundleaves offers new possibilities: the perfect synergie between design and maximum of sound absorption.


Who is Soundleaves aimed at?


Soundleaves has been specifically developed to help create beautiful and quiet working environments. 

Therefore, Incatro would like to invite especially designers, (interior) architects as well as office- and interior outfitters to add the Soundleaves collection to their product range.


Download your digital 3D product models here. (DXF)
Download the PEUTZ test report (PDF)

Which different types of Soundleaves are available?


At the workstation


Desk series # 01 - Create silence and privacy at your (mobile) workstation. The ideal flexible acoustic solution for those who enjoy decorating their own office space.

Download fact sheet here


At the wall


Wallseries # 01 - The most creative and effective solution to reverberations and disturbing noise reflexions for walls in case the speech intelligibility is very poor.
Download fact sheet here


Under the ceiling


AIRseries # 01 - Smooth, acoustically hard ceilings often cause disturbing noise reflexions. Create playful, colorful noise barriers above or in-between workstations and in open plan or high rooms. 

Download fact sheet here


In-between workstations

Floor series # 01 | # 02 - Create silent workstations in big, open-plan rooms and place acoustic barriers in-between workstations.

Download factsheet here - Floorseries #01
Download factsheet here - Floorseries #02

Video: sound absorption in numbers, sound and motion

"Thanks to their elegant design and meticulous workmanship, Soundleaves go with any decor"

Paul Berden | POT interieur

About Incatro

Incatro has been specialized in providing advice on room acoustics for more than 20 years. During this time, the company has acquired extensive experience and expertise in sound-absorbing solutions for almost all situations and environments. 


All products are designed and produced by Incatro.
Incatro provides much more than just technical solutions: As the creation of an appropriate room climate and the desired room atmosphere is equally important to customers nowadays, the company provides made-to- measure advice ensuring that the products are being used in an aestheticall way.



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